Carl Martin PlexiTone 9v Overdrive

Carl Martin PlexiTone 9v Overdrive

Carl Martin

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Remember back in the 60's, some British guy built an amp and sold it to the greatest guitar player of the time, and then that amp became the standard heavy guitar amp for many years?  Well, Carl remembers, and from those ground-breaking years, he designed the Plexi Tone.  Five levels of fat meaty drive/gain that can take you from 0-100 with one switch. There is a Level control to place yourself in the mix, a Tone control to tame those highs when you have to, Crunch and High Gain controls which are the two gain channels and then a 20 db boost....crystal clean that can be used on it's own, or with the two Gain you five different levels of mind blowing Drive!  The Carl Martin PlexiTone....

This is a large format pedal that has been winning over guitar players and critics all over the world.  The exciting news is that this pedal now runs on 80 mA 9v and fits into your pedal board without the need for special power or transformers.  That amazing Carl Martin DC/DC converter circuitry allows the pedal to run at +-12v internally, which in turn allows us to use the quality of parts that gives the PlexiTone the greatest headroom, and the greatest tone!  The PlexiTone in our signature black die cast body with high quality switches, chicken head knobs for easy adjustments and bright LED's to show you where you are at. Bigger sound, bigger tone, all analog, all Carl Martin!

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