Carl Martin Atlantic Chorus

Carl Martin Atlantic Chorus

Carl Martin

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Well, does the world really need another Chorus pedal? Hmmm good argument, does it? Does it really? Well yeah, if it has something to bring to the table. So what does the new Carl Martin Atlantic Chorus bring to the table apart from the stellar looks and smaller footprint? Well like the old Chorus, it has the same Speed/Depth controls, but it also has a couple unusual tricks that Carl found up his sleeve.  First of all, the Atlantic Chorus has a Level control. This allows you to place the Chorus where-ever you need in the mix, or to hit the front of the amp harder and give the Chorus some edge and grit.  Secondly Carl has added a Rate control which goes from pure Chorus (0) to Vibrato (10) and every level in between.  These two features along with that famous Carl Martin analog sound, take the Atlantic Chorus to a new plateau where creativity becomes second nature!  Check out the new two-toned Ocean Blue anodized diecast case, head mounted Input/Output/9v and that awesome Carl Martin DC/DC converter circuitry which allows the pedal to run with +-12V internally (this means better parts and better sound) while still powering the pedal with a standard 9v 200mA external power supply.  Bigger sound, bigger tone, all analog, all Carl Martin!

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