6 Degrees FX Sally Drive 5th Anniversary Edition Overdrive

6 Degrees FX Sally Drive 5th Anniversary Edition Overdrive

6 Degrees FX

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The Sally Drive 5th Anniversary Edition is the most versatile 808 type OD from 6 Degrees.

  • Solves the bass cut/middy issue with 2-band active EQ
  • Retains note separation in complex chording
  • Various degrees of OD texture intensity via mid range selector
Sally Drive is the very first product from 6 Degrees FX and it has been our pride and joy. 5 years ago we put the first commercially ready Sally Drive on the market and after many years of refinements, we now offer the ultimate 808 experience - Sally Drive 5th anniversary edition.

Active EQ:

Extremely effective active treble and bass EQ gives you +/- 6dB to shape your ideal tone. Boost the low end for your Strat or cut the muddy low from the Les Paul, the flexibility is limitless when used in conjunction with the mid SHIFT switch.

3-way SHIFT mid range selector: 

Choose from 808 stock 720hz mid boost or the added 590hz/480hz for more low mid to suit your guitar/rig combo. The increased low mid gives extra ballsiness to your tone but it will never become muddy thanks to the well-balanced EQ.

G.A.S. Switch

Custom voiced germanium, Asymmetrical and silicon clipping.
Silicon clipping sounds closest to the original 808 but has less compression, more open feel.
Germanium clipping has a warmer voice with very nice, even texture.
Asymmetrical clipping has the most gentle voice. Less fizzy top end and a fatter body with great clarity. Well suited for complex chording. 

Top mounted in/out and power jack

Yes we are able to move the power jack to the top now, making the Sally Drive a truly space-saving pedal with exceptional tone to real estate ratio. 
All 6 Degrees FX pedals are built in true point to point construction using only the top-notch audio parts such as:
  • Polypropylene tone caps
  • 1/2 watt carbon comp resistors
  • Pro audio grade op amp
  • Hand wired turret board design
  • 20 AWG solid core wires 


  • 4.5" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 2" (H) [2.5" including knobs] 0.95 lb
  • 11.5 cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 5cm (H) [6.5cm including knobs] 430g
  • 9V DC to 15V DC
  • True bypass

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