6 Degrees FX Millie Fuzz MkII

6 Degrees FX

  • $289.00 CAD

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Millie Fuzz is a modded Fuzz Face + 1/2 Big Muff hybrid.

  • Evenly textured across low and high strings
  • Fat and full-bodied while retaining enough high end to cut through mix
  • Can sound like overdrive with low setting
  • Can sound like gated fuzz with high setting
The Millie Fuzz is a 2-channel dirt box which offers great versatility by being capable to produce both low gain fuzz and saturated fuzz. Being a hybrid design, the Fuzz Face low gain channel takes advantage of the Big Muff’s tone stack circuit and offers much greater flexibility over the original thanks to the extra tone knob. The “Burn” switch activates an extra gain stage taken from the Big Muff and stacks with the Fuzz Face circuit, producing a long sustaining, heavily textured high gain fuzz tone. 
A special germanium diode/LED clipping circuit is added so that the fuzz texture is balanced across all 6 strings on both channels, also making the BC108 silicon transistors sound a bit like the warmer germanium transistor version of Fuzz Face. The transistors are biased in a way that they stay quiet even when cranked, and yet retain the fast response and sensitivity to input signal such as guitar volume roll off. 
The Millie Fuzz is a versatile dirt box that blends Fuzz Face & Big Muff and offers the best of both worlds. From crunchy rhythm to thick and textured lead, the Millie Fuzz’s got you covered!
All 6 Degrees FX pedals are built in true point to point construction using only the top-notch audio parts such as:
  • Polypropylene tone caps
  • 1/2 watt carbon comp resistors
  • Pro audio grade op amp
  • Pro audio grade potentiometers
  • 20 AWG solid core wires


  • 4.5" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 2" (H) [2.5" including knobs] 1 lb
  • 11.5 cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 5cm (H) [6.5cm including knobs] 453g
  • 9V DC or battery
  • Current draw: 2mA
  • True bypass

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