3 Monkeys Solderless 1/4" Pedalboard Patch Purple Cable Kit - 10 Pack / 5 Cables

3 Monkeys

  • $109.99 CAD

Now you can make your patch cables the perfect length and save space on your pedalboard. The easiest assembly in the industry, you only need to cut the cable to length and thread on the plug. No wire-stripping and no screws to tighten or lose. Our plugs can be used as straight or right angle and have the smallest footprint (.3" / 7.95mm) currently for sale.

This kit includes 10 Feet of Purple Cable and 10 Solderless 1/4" Plugs.

3 Monkeys low-capacitance, audiophile-grade cable is formable for precise cable routing and a clean look. 

Highest assembly success rate of any D.I.Y. solderless cable system.